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Individual teachers have told us that they want a resource that quickly gets to the heart of the matter and supports them, as individuals, to create change with their students and classrooms. And they don't have time to learn about what's not relevant to them - they want choice and support where they really need it.

Schools and boards have told us that they are tired of 'one-of' inspirational professional development days. They want to shift the culture in their learning communities and have the entire team come together to adopt an emotional health approach that creates lasting change.

We have two options for you

2 Year Site License

What are the benefits of having a site license?

Educators want accessible, approachable and science-based professional development. They want content that will not only provide them with new insights, but with practical tools that they can use daily in their classrooms. But it's never just about content - educators want training that is delivered meaningfully - in ways that invite them into the change process.

We have heard you loud and clear!

This digital series is a comprehensive resource that guides individual participants and groups through how to create lasting change through the attachment-based developmental approach. 

Multiple ways to use this site-license:

Teachers can access the videos at their own pace and at the time that works best for them. And although this is a 12 part series, each video works as a stand alone. Participants can skip ahead to topics of interest and watch the material again as needed. And they never have to worry about getting lost as the resource includes a tracking feature that lets teachers know where they are each time they log in. They can even share insights and supportive comments with one another in the 'discussion' section.

Participants can watch the videos in groups - as often as they wish! This can be especially helpful for team meetings and professional development days. Your team can select topics to view together and engage in discussion following the videos.

Teachers, educational assistants, school administrators and counselors will have a social-emotional digital resource on hand for whenever they are stuck with a specific dynamic or class. They will have easy access to on-going support that can help them to understand what is going on with the specific challenging behaviors they experience in the classroom, how they can build relationship with their toughest students, how to help kids who are stuck seeing themselves as 'bad', and how to build the thriving learning community of their dreams. 
Site License Cost
Group Viewings

What are the benefits of group viewings?

Educators, parent groups, counsellors and principals sometimes just want to know more about one topic or they are looking for a few sessions to explore a broader theme to share with their colleagues or peers.

Group viewings allows your participants to watch the video(s) in groups - at the date and time you wish! This can be especially helpful for team meetings, parent nights and professional development days. Your team can select a topic (or multiple topics) to view together and engage in discussion following the videos.

How does it work?

• Choose your topic(s)

• Group viewing price is calculated based on group size.  Starting at $297.99 + tax (CAD) per session.

• A link to the session(s) will be provided to you for a one time viewing*.  

• On the day of your event/meeting, enter the password and click play. It's as easy as that!  

Note: Group viewings are only available until the password expires. Expiry date will be determined based on the date of your viewing.

What happens if our viewing date is postponed?

If for some reason your viewing date changes, just email us and we'll be more than happy to extend your expiry date.
Order a Group Viewing

Let's get started! Build your customized learning package. 

2 Year Site License

Choose your group size:

Please note that the below pricing reflects a 2 year site license per school or school board. Upon license expiration, you will have the option of re-purchasing the license for an additional 2 years at the discounted renewal rate of 50% off. 
All prices in CAD. Tax not included in prices below. Tax will be added upon invoicing.
Up to 20 participants


Up to 30 participants


Up to 40 participants


Up to 50 participants


Up to 100 participants


Up to 200 participants


Up to 300 participants


Up to 400 participants


Up to 500 participants


Up to 1000 participants


Unlimited Participants


If you purchased a package and would like to simply add on a few participants, the add-on fee per participant is $100*.

*Please note, you may upgrade or add on participants at any time within your two year period, but the 2 year license starts from the original purchase date.
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Choose the support add-ons that work for you (optional):

* These add-ons may be purchased at any time.
Live support sessions: 

Book a time for your team or individual school counselors/teachers/support staff to ask questions and get personalized support around the PD material. Format is live, online. 

$200 per hour

Live talks/workshops: 

Bring us to your school! Our goal is for every participant to re-connect to their calling. We want every person to walk away with new insights into what they can do right now to create change. Our focus is on the power of relationship and the conditions needed to foster emotional and social health in classrooms and communities. We adapt every workshop to fit the themes and topics that are most relevant to each learning community.

Online Rate:  
Half day: $1,200
Full day: $2000

Live book club visit: 

Running a Reclaiming Our Students school book club? 

Have one of the authors join your book club for a live Q & A session! 

$200 per hour

Highly recommended: This PD series is based on the companion book, Reclaiming Our Students: Why Children Are More Anxious, Aggressive, and Shut Down Than Ever—And What We Can Do About It. Many educators find it helpful to read the companion book alongside their video PD experience as it can help to further digest and flesh out the material. Indicate you'd like a bulk order (50+ books) when contacting us below.

For smaller orders (less than 50 copies) visit your local bookstore or go directly to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Indigo to purchase.

Ready to customize your learning experience?

Create Your Learning Package

Tell us what type of package you'd like to use with your group.

Support Add-Ons

These are optional add-ons available at any time.

Reclaiming Our Students
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